Cars FAQs - Who Should I Contact If I've Left Personal Belongings in The Vehicle?

Who should I contact if I've left personal belongings in the vehicle?

We recommend contacting your driver directly using the number we sent you prior to pick-up. If you need further help, you can contact us and we'll try our best to reunite you with your belongings.
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    • Can I change the type of vehicle I’ve booked?

      If you need a different type of vehicle, and your pick-up time is more than 24 hours away, please cancel and rebook with the right vehicle type. As you’re within the free cancellation period, you won’t be charged for canceling.
    • How much luggage can my chosen vehicle hold?

      We list luggage capacities for every vehicle that appears in your search results. Generally, these vehicles can carry between 2 and 16 suitcases, if each suitcase measures 63cm high, 36cm wide, and 21cm deep. Not sure which vehicle is the best option ...
    • Contact us online

      Our online Contact us it is the easiest way to get in touch.
    • How will you use my personal data?

      Your trust means everything to us, so we're committed to protecting any personal information that you give us. We always treat your data with the utmost care and will only ever use it for purposes you have agreed to. Have a read of our Privacy Policy ...
    • How do you keep my personal data secure?

      All personal data and payment details are encrypted by our website using SSL technology. This is an industry-standard security protocol to protect data. For more details on how we safeguard your personal information, please read our Privacy Notice.